Lahemaa National Park Holidays


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Lahemaa National Park Holidays

Discover the enchanting beauty of Lahemaa National Park, nestled along Estonia's northern coast. Spanning 725 km2, this pristine sanctuary boasts native forests, expansive wetlands, and inviting sandy beaches.
Far from the bustling crowds, Lahemaa's winding ancient roads reveal small villages, offering a serene retreat even in the height of summer.
Nature takes centre stage in Lahemaa, where colossal erratic boulders stand as silent witnesses to the last Ice Age. The park teems with diverse wildlife, from moose and wild boar to elusive lynx and industrious beavers between Oandu and Altja. The northern coast becomes a haven for migratory birds, creating a symphony of sounds in the air.
Beyond its natural wonders, Lahemaa has quaint fishing villages like Käsmu, Altja, and Viinistu. Explore the maritime history of Estonians through restored net sheds and centuries-old farmhouses. Delve into the architectural marvels and unique histories of manor complexes like Palmse, Sagadi, Vihula, and Kolga. Amidst this coastal charm, remnants of Soviet military facilities offer glimpses into Lahemaa's layered past. 
Perhaps hike the captivating Viru Bog, Go gooseberry picking on Mohni Island, visit Baltic German manor houses, and uncover the intriguing former submarine base in Hara Harbour. 

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