North Iceland Holidays


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North Iceland Holidays

If you're looking to head off Iceland's beaten track, a journey to the north of the country is a must. With a holiday to North Iceland, you'll be able to explore a dramatic natural landscape of lava fields, jagged mountains and towering cliffs. It also offers some of the country's best places to see whales and throngs of sea birds against a rugged backdrop.

And, with new Easyjet flights flying directly from the UK (London Gatwick airport) to Akureyri Airport, the captivating north is easier to see than ever. 

North Iceland's highlights are plenty. Travelling along the Arctic Coast Way, you'll skirt the Arctic Circle on a route that has only been open since 2019, making for an epic road trip with unspoiled panoramic views at every turn. As a sparsely populated region of farmland and little-visited historic fishing towns, you'll be able stop off to meet local people for a taste of their culture as you seek out some of the most impressive highlights.

No Northern Iceland holiday is complete without witnessing the most wild natural wonders. Lake Mývatn is the region's biggest draw; created by a large basaltic lava eruption 2,300 years ago, the shallow lake and its islands are surrounded by black lava fields, cones and calderas. Take a dip in its natural baths, filled with geothermally warmed waters from deep within the Earth, for a less crowded alternative to Blue Lagoon.

Then, there's Dettifoss Waterfall - one of the most powerful waterfalls in Europe, it needs little introduction. Get up close to hear the roar of the water as it crashes over the rocks, fed from the mammoth glacier river, Jökulsá á Fjöllum.

Heading into the Skagafjörður region, you'll discover 'horse country'. With a proud equestrian heritage, this sweeping valley offers an unmissable opportunity to go horse riding across the stunning Icelandic landscape. There, just off the coast, you'll also find Drangey Island, with its famed bird cliffs that thrive with puffin, guillemot and auk.

For more wildlife, plan a boat trip to the bird-rich Grimsey Island, the northernmost inhabited Icelandic territory. This remote, rocky island is home to just 100 people as well as a summer population of a few million sea birds - on a day trip by plane, you'll be so far north that you can even set foot inside the Arctic Circle.

Along with its birds, North Iceland is known for its incredible range of whale species that can be spotted off the coast. Be sure to take a boat trip to spot minke and humpback whales as you sail along the snow-capped peaks. To learn more, visit the fishing town of Húsavík, which is known as Iceland's whale watching capital, where you can visit the whale museum.

From the midnight sun in summer, to quirky cities, bubbling hot springs and iconic landmarks, don't miss out on the treasures of North Iceland. 

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