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Tartu Holidays

Tartu may live in the shadow of Estonia’s largest city and capital, Tallinn, on the tourist map but it is certainly the most sophisticated and arguably more authentic of the two. The home of Estonia’s most distinguished university, Tartu is the country’s intellectual and cultural hub with students, professors and researchers making up a large proportion of its population. This lends the city a youthful vibrancy which is reflected in the diverse arts programmes that run all year round, bustling café culture and smattering of art galleries.

Though young at heart, Tartu is also a historical gem with beautiful cascades of classical 18th-century architecture, grand monuments and countless enlightening museums each delving into the fascinating past of Estonia and the Baltic region. This unique fusion of the old and new makes Tartu an essential calling point on any Estonia holiday.

European City Of Culture 2024

In 2024, Tartu takes the spotlight as the European Capital of Culture, inviting visitors to explore its rich historical and cultural heritage. National Geographic Traveller recognises Tartu as one of the 30 most exciting destinations of the year. With a diverse program featuring over 300 events, Tartu 2024 embodies "The Art of Survival," focusing on environmentally friendly culture, multi-generational learning, and the unique blend of local identity within the European context.

Immerse yourself in the Tartu 2024 experience, where the city and Southern Estonia converge in a celebration of nature, humanity, Europe, and the universe. Follow #Tartu2024 for a glimpse into this cultural extravaganza

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