Moldova Reviews

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Moldova Reviews

It is no longer rquired to declare money on entry to Moldova. We recommend the Orheiul Vechi excursion from Chisinau. We went with the same guide (Natasha) who took us to Tiraspol. She was very informative and nice. Chisinau is not geared up for tourists (to put it midly) and it can be hard to find somewhere to eat.  There is a cluster of restaurants at the end of 31 Aug 1989 Street, near the central parks. We particularly liked the Hotel Bristol in Yalta, which as located near the promenade - very pleasant and nice food.

The Whites

Our local guide and driver were outstanding. The guide was very informative, clear in her delivery, extremely organised and caring, but also very approachable and friendly. The driver drove extremely well and safely, had a friendly, helpful styles and manner and was always around to assist. Altogether I had an excellent tour. 

Mr G Stiling
August 20, 2013