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Choose Regent Holidays Uzbekistan tours and savour the long-lost romance of the Orient as you explore magnificent ancient towns and cities along the Old Silk Road.

From the age-old settlements of Samarkland, Khiva and Bukhara with their dazzling mosques, ornate gold and turquoise tiled buildings and magnificently preserved relics, to the underrated capital of Tashkent with its mausoleums and madrassas emerging from beneath bleak Soviet-era architecture, Uzbekistan presents a wealth of historical and cultural treasures just waiting to be seen by the world as tourists slowly wake up to the wonderful and unique travel experience on offer here.

Classic Uzbekistan Group Tour
15 days from £3095 per person
29th Sep - 13th Oct 2024, 4th Oct - 18th Oct 2024, 11th Oct - 25th Oct 2024...
While it would take countless weeks to take in all that Uzbekistan has to offer, we have painstakingly curated this new group tour to try and squ...
Legendary Silk Road (Tashkent to Almaty)
15 days from £6375 per person
3rd Oct - 17th Oct 2024, 27th Mar - 10th Apr 2025
From the incredible architecture of Tashkent to the cosmopolitan city of Almaty, discover the beauty of Central Asia by rail on the Orient Silk Road E...
Legendary Silk Road (Almaty to Tashkent)
15 days from £6375 per person
15th Oct - 29th Oct 2024, 8th Apr - 22nd Apr 2025
Embark on an enchanting rail journey with the Orient Silk Road Express, exploring the beauty of Central Asia from the cosmopolitan allure of Almaty to...

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