Kampong Thom Holidays


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Kampong Thom Holidays

Located in the heart of Cambodia, Kampong Thom is a province steeped in history, culture, and natural splendour, making it an ideal destination for travellers eager to explore the country's diverse offerings. Formerly known as Kampong Pos Thom, the province derives its name from a captivating legend involving snakes near the Sen River. With an expansive area of 15,061km², Kampong Thom boasts lush forests, fertile plateaus, and serene waters, inviting adventurers to discover its varied landscapes. Travelers can navigate the province's well-connected road network, linking bustling Phnom Penh to the captivating Siem Reap, and uncover the treasures hidden within its distinct regions. To the east, verdant forests and rolling hills provide a scenic backdrop for agricultural activities, while the western plains extending to the picturesque Tonle Sap Lake offer tranquil boat rides and immersive fishing experiences. Amidst this natural beauty lies the historic marvel of Sambor Prei Kuk, an ancient city dating back to the 7th century, adorned with intricately carved sanctuaries that narrate Cambodia's rich past. For travellers intrigued by the mysteries of Khmer civilisation, Kampong Thom promises an unforgettable journey filled with exploration, discovery, and cultural immersion.

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