Kangerlussuaq Holidays


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Kangerlussuaq Holidays

Kangerlussuaq is known as the gateway to Greenland and the international airport such as it is connects with domestic flights to the rest of Greenland. It really does feel like arriving in a remote border town in the 1950s when flying into Kangerlussuaq.

Kangerlussuaq is a former U.S. military base used as a refuelling base during WWII and today is the adventure centre for what is known as Destination Arctic Circle and their marketing concept “Rough. Real. Remote.”.  It is from here that dogsled expeditions, cross country ski trips, kayaking, cruises, animal safaris and of course trips to the Ice Cap all depart.

Hundreds of musk oxen and the occasional herd of wild reindeer can be seen on the surrounding mountains grazing on the arctic tundra. A gravel road was started by the Americans, which Volkswagen continued constructing in 2001 in order to access the Ice Cap to road test their vehicles. In exchange for the right to build, Volkswagen granted Kangerlussuaq tourism businesses the right to use the road in the future. By providing direct access to the Ice Cap you can take amazing guided driving tours, hike on the ice and for the brave camp in tents on the glacier.

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