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Suduroy Holidays

Suduroy is the southernmost island in the Faroes, accessible by a two hour ferry journey from Tórshavn. Here, visitors will find the island's iconic basalt columns and one of the warmest receptions from the locals of any of the islands. Due to its distance from the rest of the archipelago visitors are less common here and the people have developed their own dialect and culture.   

Sudoroy is a long, but narrow island with just one road running down its centre. Bird enthusiasts will come for the western coastline which is made up almost entirely of bird cliffs, the most famous being the stunning Beinisvørd bird cliffs which soars 470m high. By contract, the gentler eastern coast is where most of the villages and farmland can be found.

Tvøroyri is the island's main village and used to be a very popular fishing town in the early 1900's. There are still many well preserved buildings from that period of the town's history. The village museum provides an excellent overview of the towns past. Tvøroyri's unique, Norwegian church is the other main sight, as it is so unlike the rest of the churches in the archipelago. The large structure was actually built in Norway and then sent over, bit by bit, to Suduroy.

A trip to the Akraberg Lighthouse (and the very most southerly point in the Faroes) is a highlight of the island. This remote and rugged bit of land stretched out amid the wild waves of the Atlantic, providing quite an impactful view.

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