Sulawesi Holidays


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Sulawesi Holidays

Sulawesi is a country boasting extreme topography, unique and fascinating cultural diversity, pristine beaches and colourful coral reefs. Explore Makassar, the provincial capital of South Sulawesi, once an important Dutch trading port with control of shipping between west and east and a busy yet friendly introduction to the islands. Discover the unique Tana Toraja culture to witness their flamboyant funeral processions reflecting a belief that if loved ones do not receive a suitably elaborate funeral ceremony they may return and cause misfortune to their descendents. Journey to North Sulawesi and search for the shy, nocturnal tarsiers in Tangkoko-Batuangas Dua Saudara Nature Reserve, also home to maleo birds and red-knobbed hornbills, or explore the underwater world off the coast of stunning Pulau Bunaken with its impressive reef system.

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