Angkor Complex Holidays


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Angkor Complex Holidays

The stunning Angkor Complex is a real source of inspiration and national pride in Cambodia and merits a good few days’ exploration to really be able to get away from the crowds and explore the more remote sites located deep in the Cambodian jungle. The complex served as the seat of the early Khmer Empire during a period when their power and territory took in parts of Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and the Bay of Bengal, running all the way north to Yunnan in China. This powerful Empire went on to produce some of the best architectural masterpieces in the area and the site was designated UNESO World Heritage status in 1992.

Some of the easily accessible highlights of the complex are the sites of Ta Prohm with its seemingly ramshackle temples sprouting trees and the walled city of Angkor Thom with the Bayon state temple at the centre. Rise early before the crowds awake and take a tuk-tuk in the cool morning light to enjoy sunrise on the walls of Angkor Wat, a sight to remember forever.

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