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Corvo Holidays

The tiny island of Corvo is the most remote island in the Azorean archipelago and, measuring just 6.5 kilometres long and 4 kilometres wide, it's also the smallest. With only one village and just 430 inhabitants, it is one of the smallest island communities in Europe. Here, sheer cliffs give way to slender beaches and rugged coast, while the tip of Monte Gorde volcano - the very lava-spewing mass which formed the island - has collapsed and sunk to form the caldera that dominates the northern half of the island. The crater of the Caldeirao reaches 300 metres deep and 2 kilometres wide, so one of the highlights of any trip to Corvo is making the journey uphill for the impressive views afforded from the rim.

Ilha de Corvo translates as 'the island of the crow', and short visits give travellers a truly authentic Azorean experience. Here you can immerse yourself in remote island life and a community which still holds traditions unchanged for generations. Adventure and activity is just as easily found, with hiking opportunities, diving and birdwatching on hand to entertain.​​​​​  Corvo is easily reached by a 40-minute ferry crossing from its larger neighbour Flores, or by a short flight from Sao Miguel.


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