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Hualien Holidays

Hualien is a vibrant county in Taiwan, known for being the convergence point of several major highways. Its name, "Hualien," originates from "huilan," signifying eddying water at the Hualien River's estuary, where it meets the sea. The region's stunning landscapes, including towering peaks, vast seas, and scenic valleys, have made it one of Taiwan's top travel destinations. Hualien boasts an expansive area of around 4,628 square kilometres and a population of 350,000. The county's breathtaking natural beauty is showcased in the impressive Taroko National Park, the grandeur of Yushan National Park, the captivating landscapes of the East Coast National Scenic Area, and the rustic charms of the East Longitudinal Valley National Scenic Area. Whether exploring Taroko's gorges or the East Coast's picturesque landscapes, visitors to Hualien are greeted by nature's splendour.

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