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The small, remote village of Jukkasjärvi is home to one of Sweden’s most impressive attractions: the spectacular ICEHOTEL.

The famous winter hotel is created from huge blocks of ice harvested from the River Torne and sculpted by a team of artists from around the world who come to turn their ideas into reality. ICEHOTEL coined the popular concept of spending a night in sub-zero temperatures back in 1989. Since then, it has grown to include not just Icehotel Winter, but also Icehotel 365, a permanent structure allowing guests to spend a night in the ice all year round, as well the warm hotel rooms and chalets, and a host of exciting winter activities. 

Regardless of which ice room chosen, guests will sleep comfortably on the ice beds topped with comfortable mattresses and reindeer skins and a thermal sleeping bag.

Icehotel Winter

The world's first hotel of its kind - this exclusive experience is only available during the winter months (December to April) and then the incredible art exhibition melts away back into the Torne River, to be reincarnated in a new and unique guise the following winter. Visitors have the choice to stay in one of the standard Ice Rooms or upgrade to an individually designed, thematic Art Suite. The winter structure is kept between a cool -5°C and -8°C and privacy is maintained between rooms with a curtain. All guests have access to the Riverside Lobby, which is a warm building next door that offers a lounge to relax in, changing rooms with toilets, showers and sauna. 

Icehotel 365

This permanent structure, which is maintained at a frosty -5°C, opened in 2016 and is an incredible display of artistry and wonder - all sustainably run on solar power. In addition to the ice suites, this structure houses an Ice Gallery and the iconic Ice Bar! Unlike the winter structure, Icehotel 365 is connected directly to a common heated area and toilets, and the suites feature real doors. Each of the Art Suites are uniquely designed and built entirely of ice and snow utilising the same concept as the winter hotel. For the most luxurious option, opt for one of the incredible Deluxe Suites, all of which include a warm, en-suite bathroom with shower and toilet, and some which also feature a sauna or sauna and a soaker tub.

Warm Rooms

After a night spent amid the ice, a stay in one of the ICEHOTEL's spacious and comfortable Kaamos or Kaamos Superior rooms is a great way to round off a holiday. In keeping with Jukkasjärvi’s traditional look, the rooms are housed six or eight rooms in wooden single floor houses. Each room has two floor-to-ceiling corner windows. For families or small groups the 2-bedroom Chalets are the ideal choice.

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