Kyoto Holidays


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Kyoto Holidays

Kyoto is the epicentre for old Japan. Home to 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites plus numerous Buddhist temples and Shinto Shrines, Kyoto is a cultural must for any visit to Japan. Stroll the picturesque nighttime streets of the Gion district in hope of seeing a Geiko or Maiko girl flitting into a traditional tea house. Stroll through the magical Arashiyama bamboo grove or climb to the Kurama-dera temple sitting high atop a wooded mountain on the edge of the city. Enjoy a beautifully lavish kaiseki dining experience, regarded by many as the world's finest meal and discover wonderful and wacky foods in Nishiki Covered Market. Be you a first time visitor or a veteran of Japan travel, Kyoto is a city with everlasting appeal.         

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