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Longyearbyen Holidays

Located at 78 degrees north, Longyearbyen is officially the world’s northernmost town and also one of its most fascinating. Just 1300 km from the North Pole, Longyearbyen has become a vibrant, modern settlement, and yet still retains the spirit of a frontier town.
As the administrative centre of Spitsbergen, in the Svalbard Archipelago, the town is a gateway to the wonders of the high Arctic region.
Witness stunning landscapes including snow covered mountains, mighty glaciers and sweeping Arctic tundra that surrounds this tiny town situated high above the Arctic circle.
During the winter months, when the sun stays well below the horizon, the chances of the northern lights appearing are high even in the day time. Chase them on snowmobile or riding with a pack of huskies for a thrilling adventure. During the summer, take advantage of the midnight sun to enjoy a host of outdoor activities from kayaking, quad biking and electric biking to cruising the fjord in an electric-catamaran to one of the Russian settlements or to the nearby glacier.

Regent Recommends

Tour by Snowcat
Leave the village lights behind and travel by snowcat out in the Ardent Valley. This is a unique and warm way to explore Svalbard and search for the incredible northern lights. 

Ice Caving
Walk below a glacier through blue ice caves, where frozen tunnels open up to an underground world. With a guide, hear how Glaciers are formed and be lead through the crystal caves below during this unique experience. 

Sail to Pyramiden
Pyramiden, a Russian mining community, was abandoned back in 1998. Walk through empty streets and witness Russian Soviet era buildings still perfectly intact, as well as the sound of silence. During the summer months, there is even the chance to spy polar bears (from a safe distance!) as they hunt for seals along the melting sea ice.

Explore a Coal Mine
The community of Longyearbyen was founded as a mining town back in 1906 and since then, several mines have prospered by hauling the high quality coal found here. Today, only one mine is still in operation, but lucky visitors have the opportunity to explore Mine Number 3, which closed down in 1996 but still looks as if the miners have only just left. It is quite a cool experience to get to go inside the mountain, see the thick coal veins and imagine such a foreign way of life.

Go Beer Tasting
Longyearbyen is home to the northernmost brewery in the world. Svalbrard Brewery offers evening tasting sessions so visitors can indulge in beer brewed with glacier water. The evening takes guests on a tasting tour from their light pilsners right down to their delicious stout, while providing interesting information about the brewery and the laws that the founder had to fight to change to allow the brewery to exist at all. 

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