Best Nordic Countries to Visit in the Summer

Best Nordic Countries to Visit in the Summer

While winter offers a wonderland of frozen spectacles, a Nordic summer trip brings true hidden gems.

Discover dramatic landscapes, delving into winding fjords, gliding across crystal-clear lakes and hiking rugged mountains. Not only can you roam under the midnight sun and kayak for hours on end, but you also have the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful cities and enjoy their pleasant weather.

Whether it's Lapland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Svalbard or Norway in summer, we've highlighted our favourite experiences for an enriching adventure into the extraordinary.

Here are the best Nordic places to visit in summer.

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1. Norway

With its contemporary cities, green-cloaked mountains and breathtaking fjords for you to explore, Norway in summer is a magical experience. Norwegian fishing villages that dot the coast thaw and glimmer in the sunshine while vibrant music festivals take place, including the world-renowned Øya in Oslo.

Soak in the rich coastal culture through a summer fly-drive holiday in Norway's fjords. Driving along Norwegian fjords in summer offers mild weather, longer daylight hours and simply spectacular scenery. There are even plenty of hiking opportunities along the way, such as Geiranger and Sognefjord.

Alternatively, you can explore the best places to visit in Norway in summer while embarking on a Havila Voyages summer cruise through the Norwegian fjords. Along with spotting sea eagles and coral reef in the Lofoten Islands, you'll get to stroll down the white sandy beaches and marvel at dramatic waterfalls.

"Put simply, Oslo is a cosmopolitan city with so much to offer - a place that's absolutely worth a visit. The landscapes are phenomenal and the walkable streets are filled with a relaxed, easy feel. Although it’s a capital city, it’s relatively small, so you can cover the highlights in just a few days without feeling rushed." – Jane Slade, Senior Product Executive

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2. Svalbard

Home to humpback whales and beluga whales from May to September, Svalbard is a truly unique part of the world that you can experience in your summer adventures. The famous islands harbour polar bears, walruses, whales and birds on its dramatic coast, where stunning fjords mingle with towering mountains.

A Svalbard summer break gives you a great chance to see these unusual Arctic wonders. Witness the midnight sun illuminating the pristine landscapes and hike to the top of colossal glaciers for a marvellous view. You can even visit the colourful houses in Longyearbyen, one of the world's most remote towns.

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3. Iceland

Although its name conjures up visions of snow-covered wonderlands, Iceland in summer is actually a popular destination of vibrant, colourful flora. Charming cities cheerfully celebrate culturally significant festivals while the infinity pools and geothermal waters are perfect for relaxing during your visit.

Board the M/S Seaventure on our Around Iceland Cruise and explore the country's extraordinary wilderness and wildlife. From sailing along the Snaefellsnes Peninsula to unearthing the fascinating Westman Islands and filling your days with thrilling outdoor activities, there's so much to discover.

Similarly, encounter incredible sights by road while adventuring on an Iceland fly-drive holiday. Þingvellir National Park amazes with its ancient geological history and diverse biosystem of Lake Þingvallavatn. In addition to the beautiful parks, you can watch puffins in their natural nesting place at Dyrhólaey Cape.

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4. Sweden

“Allemansrätten”, the right of public access, typifies everything Sweden. The popular summer destination brings long daylight hours for more time admiring medieval architecture in the bustling cities or going wild swimming in its hidden lakes. You can even explore Gamla Stan, Stockholm's original city centre.

The authentic Arctic Summer Retreat envelops you in its serene wilderness. Råne River Valley's lush forests are a secluded playground where you can go hiking, kayaking on the mirror-like lakes and fishing for Arctic char. Experience traditional Sami culture, indulge in local cuisine and unwind in your cosy cabin.

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5. Finland

Watching bears is an enriching experience you'll never forget. As well as this, there are so many amazing things to do in Finland in summer. The attractive cities come to life with vibrant festivals and phenomenal white nights. Traditional dry saunas also refresh and restore, so you're ready for another day of exploring.

In the Barösund region of Inkoo, south-west Finland, the unique Barö Hotel summer break helps you make the most of the season; explore Finnish nature by riding out on an electric bike to the Fagervik ironworks or crossing the Barösund Strait by ferry to Orslandet Island and hiking along the spectacular trails.

There are an estimated 1,500 brown bears in the vast forests of green trees. By venturing on our wildlife holiday in Finland during the summer, you can spend your days in Kuhmo searching for the wild beasts. When they're out of hibernation, they venture out to forage for plants and berries, and hunt small prey. You may even see them from the comfort of your unique lakeside abode, Hotel Kalevala!

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6. Denmark

Denmark summer holidays are undoubtedly the best time to experience the beautiful country's captivating historical sites. Not only that, but its best-kept secret, the Danish beaches, provide some of the cleanest natural swimming spots in all of Europe. From here, you can explore the hidden coves or go kayaking.

Head to the capital city for a Copenhagen summer holiday break, exploring the historic streets on a bicycle tour or relaxing at Tivoli Gardens. Its open-air concerts, street food markets and cultural events come to life in summer, the city centre's lively atmosphere and Nordic charm shining through.

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7. Lapland

A Finnish Lapland summer is unlike any other. Its traditionally snowy, frozen landscapes are traded for lush, green forests, nesting birds, pristine lakes and rivers as well as thick bushes full of colourful berries. Instead of witnessing the enchanting northern lights, you'll get to experience the glorious midnight sun.

The midnight sun is both fun and relaxing. While you're floating on one of the tranquil lakes, all you'll hear is the sounds of nature enveloping your senses, surrounded by the rich greens of the verdant forestry.

Additionally, you can embrace this summertime sunshine with our Lapland Family Summer Break. From learning how to thrive in the Arctic Circle with a survival day trip to visiting reindeer and husky farms, you'll get to enjoy a real outdoor adventure – quickly coming to learn that Lapland isn’t just for Christmas!

"When we think about Lapland, we usually associate it with winter, snow-based activities, Christmas and, of course, the man himself, Santa Claus. Winter is certainly peak season for Lapland holidays; however, Finnish Lapland has plenty to offer throughout the rest of the year with a huge portfolio of activities and accommodation covering all seasons. Summer and autumn are becoming increasingly popular and with good reason. I visited in June and again in August and discovered another side to this famously wintery destination." – Daniele Boni, Product Manager

Discover your Favourite Nordic Country for the Summer

In the Nordics' summer months, you can experience an unforgettable trip. By speaking with one of our Regent Travel Specialists, we'll help you plan your adventure from start to finish.

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