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Stockholm Holidays

Gorgeously located upon an archipelago of islands on the edge of the Baltic Sea, Stockholm is one the world’s truly geographically unique capital cities and easily one of the most beautiful overall.

A resplendently tranquil city, more than half of Stockholm is either waterway or greenery, while the old town, Gamla Stan, is a typically enchanting historical area brimming with quaint medieval architecture.

A stroll around Gamla Stan reveals that Sweden’s talent for distinctive and bold design stretches back for centuries, with brightly coloured stucco walls, lunging shapes and intricate, narrow passageways all constructed with a certain panache. Nestled within this colourful cluster is a charming melange of souvenir stores, ice cream parlours and cosy cafés, topped off by the grand Royal Palace. Explore further and be dazzled by the modern Stockholm, a cutting edge metropolis of fine restaurants (the city has almost as many restaurants per capita as Paris), vibrant bars, a lively arts scene, over 150 museums and galleries and many examples of fascinating contemporary design, all wrapped up in that inimitable, effortlessly stylish Swedish personality.

For more information and to book Stockholm city breaks as well as other holidays to Sweden, speak to one of our travel specialists today.

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You don’t have to be a maritime history nut to appreciate the wonderful Vasa Museum - home to the world’s only preserved 17th-century ship. Having sunk on its maiden voyage in 1628 and salvaged 333 years later in 1961, the Vasa has been painstakingly restored to its former glory, retaining more than 95% of its original features including the mainmast and hundreds of carved sculptures. This unique historical treasure should not be missed.

When to go...

Stockholm is a lively city and seems to put on a good festival or two every month. The Nordic Shoe and Bag Fair in February is a fashion enthusiast’s paradise, with an exhibition of shoes encompassing styles from the past 200 years. Walpurgis Night (Valborgsmassoafton) celebrates the arrival of spring with bonfires, music and many other events put on by the city’s students. In June, the popular Midsummer’s Eve Festivities see a lot of partying, maypole dancing and delicious Scandinavian fare on offer.

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