Gobi Desert Holidays


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Gobi Desert Holidays

The spectacular, barren expanse of the Gobi Desert is arguably like no other place on Earth and a visit here is must during a holiday or tour to Mongolia. Despite its desolate nature, the Gobi is teeming with wildlife including wild horses, the rare Gobi bear and Bactrian camel, gazelles, antelope, cranes and hawks, you may even stumble upon evidence of the dinosaurs that once existed here. There is no shortage of breathtaking and unforgettable sights either, such as the remarkable Yoliin Am Valley with its frozen river and deep gorge, and the seemingly infinite Khongoriin Els sand dunes. The Gobi Desert’s dramatic natural features make it a great place for unique outdoor pursuits such as dune sliding and camel riding, as well as more traditional ones such as hiking and caving.

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Listening out for the Gobi Desert’s musical dunes. These can be found at Khongoriin Els, which literally translates into “Singing Sands”, where its vast dunes provide ideal conditions for the natural phenomenon in which a haunting, booming sound is emitted from the billions of grains of sand as they are shifted by the wind. 

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