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Vladivostok Holidays

The eastern terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway, Vladivostok has plenty else to do beyond serving as the beginning or end of this epic journey. A large but attractive city set in tiers perched beside sparkling Pacific waters, it is surprisingly tranquil and an ideal place to stretch your legs after a long trip across Russia from Moscow. Step off the train and head to the Sportivnaya Harbour for a delightful view of the ocean before marvelling at the impressive naval technology of Russia’s Pacific Fleet parked at Golden Horn Bay.

There are a plethora of fascinating inland sights in Vladivostok too, such as the eccentric Arsenev Regional Museum which houses decent exhibitions on pre-Russian settlers as well as some intriguing wildlife (including a tiger fighting a bear) and geological displays, and the Primorsky State Art Gallery which contains a respected collection of classical European masters.

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