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Ella Stearns
The Arctic Travel Specialist

For the ultimate adventure, you can't get much better than the Arctic. This is a frozen world of sea ice and endless skies; of hardy wildlife and some of the freshest air in the world. From the deck of one of our expedition-grade vessels, watch as the white coastlines of northern Greenland or Norway slip by, or perhaps Iceland or the far northern reaches of Russia. If you want to push the boundaries of travel and get further away than you've ever been, the Arctic is an amazing choice. 

The ships navigate through the pack ice with ease thanks to their specially-reinforced hulls and strong engines, and on-board you'll be treated to a range of lectures and demonstrations from experts as well as excellent food and comfortable cabins. These holidays are suitable for everybody, with a range of excursions from the ships on offer, whether you'd like to hop into a RIB boat to seek out seals on snowy Greenlandic beaches or watch for whales breaching the cold waves, or alight on land and visit the tiny settlements that battle the elements in one of the toughest environments on Earth. You can even just sit on the deck or in your cosy cabin and watch the wild world slip past you.

Regent Arctic Specialist

The Arctic Travel Specialist
For people wanting to push the boundaries of travel, a voyage aboard an Arctic expedition vessel is the perfect way to do it, as you'll travel in wonderful comfort whilst navigating the far northern reaches of the world - a place that few other travellers ever make it to. It's hard not to think of the very first Arctic explorers when you're standing on the deck of a ship as icebergs drift past you and glaciers shear off into the ocean.

's Tips
Make time for the on-board lectures, as they are incredibly educational and interesting
Pre-book excursions such as kayaking well in advance as they book up quickly
For an ultimate experience, you have to try one night camping "in the snow" where you dig your own snow shelter on land - it's much cosier than you think and is the ultimate wilderness experience!

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