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Chernobyl Holidays

Visit Chernobyl on one of our Chernobyl tours, a place ever synonymous with the massive nuclear disaster that rocked the Soviet Union and the world in 1986. To this day, a 30km exclusion zone set in place by Ukraine’s “Ministry of Emergencies” circles the area, and the disaster is still very real for the great number of people who have been, and are still being affected by its after effects.

View abandoned homes, shops, schools and hotels, all of which offer you a snapshot from history before the entire city was evacuated.

Regent Recommends

Our Kiev and Chernobyl Tour is an individual tour, unique to Regent Holidays and includes an overnight in the town, giving an unparalleled insight into one of the most devastating environmental disasters in human history. This tour is a fascinating introduction to Kiev, the pleasant Ukrainian capital, and includes two days touring inside the “Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Exclusion Zone”.  Spend one night in Chernobyl itself (in a small hotel built for scientific advisors) and gain an insight into the complete picture of the Chernobyl story, from the past to the present. This tour also includes a full free day in Kiev for one to explore at leisure.

We also offer Chernobyl tours from Kiev, which you can inlude on a Kiev city break. The tour is fully guided and includes transfers and a tour of the abandoned city.

Chernobyl Heart

Regent Holidays will donate £25 per every person booked on this tour to this wonderful charity aimed at improving the lives of children affected by the disaster. Every penny donated goes to help the children in need.

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