8 Best Scandinavian and Nordic Beaches for 2024

8 Best Scandinavian and Nordic Beaches for 2024

When you plan a holiday to the Nordic countries, you often go for the northern lights, dramatic fjords, and the natural attractions. However, what you can also see across this beautiful region is some of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating beaches, perfect for escaping the crowds and seeing some of nature’s incredible formations.

The beaches across Scandinavia and the Nordics are alluring at any time of the year. Enjoy views of calm, aquamarine waters framed by majestic Norwegian fjords in the summer months and experience ice-speckled black sand beaches in the winter months. There’s always something to explore, and you’re guaranteed to experience something unique with our hand-picked alternative Scandinavian and Nordic beaches in 2024.

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Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland

Known as one of the most iconic beaches in the Nordics and the world, this black sand beach is located on the south coast of Iceland. Not to be missed, Reynisfjara Beach is a unique beach experience, surrounded by large cliffs and unique rock formations, all formed by the North Atlantic Ocean’s choppy ‘sneaker waves’ that are amongst some of the biggest in the world.

This incredible beach is not one for sunbathing and swimming. Instead, you can enjoy the breathtaking views at a safe distance, away from the dangerous waves and perhaps take a jar of black sand or an obsidian-coloured pebble back home. Be sure to take a closer look at the caves – the rocks are quite unique.

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Lake Verevi Beach, Estonia

Lake Verevi is not your typical beach destination, but with a sandy bank and it’s calm, warm waters, this lake beach is a lovely place to enjoy some sun. Open all-year round, there is so much to do on this lake shore that makes for a memorable holiday in Estonia. When you’re not relaxing on the golden sands, be sure to try the myriad of activities that are available around the lake. From an exciting diving tower, a dedicated children’s swimming area and even a sports park nearby for beach volleyball and more beach games, you can have all kinds of summer fun.

Come the winter, there surrounding slopes that are perfect for sledging down with your loved ones. If you’re a keen ice skater, be sure to throw your boots on and enjoy a skate around the real rink when it opens. Unlike many beaches, this area boasts enjoyable fun for everyone at any point in the year.

8 Best Scandinavian and Nordic Beaches for 2024 : Section 4

Lahemaa Beach, Estonia

Located in Lahemaa National Park is the beautiful beach of Lahemaa, an unspoilt coast that is framed by the Baltic Sea. This remote location promises divine views of untouched, natural beauty that is elevated by the possible sightings of wild animals and in the absence of crowds.

Enjoy walks along the picturesque stretches of sand, and soon you’ll come to some of the beach lagoons. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Estonia, and it makes for a perfect escape from bustling cities and other popular beaches.

Nearby Lahemaa National Park is Tallinn, a medieval city in Estonia that is located along the coast of Estonia. Our Travel Experts recommend an unforgettable tour of Tallinn and the Islands to enjoy more Estonian beach fun as well as discover the charm of the historic surroundings.

8 Best Scandinavian and Nordic Beaches for 2024 : Section 5

Horseid Beach, Norway

Hidden in between the Lofoten Island’s is this amazing beach that is sure to take your breath away. This beautiful spot is located in between magnificent mountains and fjords in Moskenesøy, Norway. As one of the least visited Scandinavian beaches, the area is packed with natural beauty and during spring and summer, you can enjoy the views of grass-covered mountains and calm waters under the midnight sun.

The beach is mainly accessible by a long hike that is not short on more breathtaking sights of the iconic Lofoten Island’s mountains. During your hike, be sure to take a water bottle – you can refill it up with fresh mountain water from the streams you pass on the way. Although it is a fairly easy walk, you can enjoy a scenic ferry ride to this incredible Nordic beach.

8 Best Scandinavian and Nordic Beaches for 2024 : Section 6

Haukland Beach, Norway

Although the water temperature is cool even during the summer months, Haukland Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Norway. Perfect for a summer getaway, you can expect scenic ocean views that reminds you of tropical beaches like Bora Bora and the Maldives. The coastline is perfect for the weary traveller also seeking something unique, with stunning views of turquoise waters, you can enjoy it from the white sands, perfect for relaxing on.

Looking beyond the pure blue water, you can see the majestic fords that frame the sea. Haukland Beach isn’t one for sitting still. Be sure to climb the mountains that flank the sand and see the crystal-like shore from above - the perfect white sand beach for the outdoor explorer.

8 Best Scandinavian and Nordic Beaches for 2024 : Section 7

Diamond Beach, Iceland

The Diamond Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Iceland. Although this beach is not one you would think of visiting on your typical beach holiday, you can still see some of the most fascinating views - this black sand beach is not to be missed on your Icelandic tour of the southern coast.

Named the Diamond Beach, you’ll find large, scattered shards of crystal-clear ice across the black sands of the beach that have broken away from the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier. The breathtaking beauty of this beach is what attracts the attention from locals and travellers alike, and you can enjoy it with fellow explorers with a tour.

Our Travel Specialists have been visiting Iceland for many years, and one of the unmissable attractions of the island are the fascinating beaches. Choose one of our many Iceland tailor-made tours to see the remarkable country and its beautiful nature, perfect at any time of the year.

8 Best Scandinavian and Nordic Beaches for 2024 : Section 8

Amager Beach, Denmark

For the perfect Copenhagen summer break, visit Copenhagen’s largest beach, Amager Beach. For a city beach break, Denmark is home to this golden sand coast that sits within a short distance from Copenhagen.

Not only can you rest on your sun loungers under the sun, but you can also enjoy time with your loved ones at the beach park. Travel with your little ones for a brilliant beach getaway that features swimming areas for toddlers. This Danish beach an incredible place in summertime, as you have beautiful weather to explore the pretty neighbouring harbour and recreation grounds.

Want explore some of the best alternative beaches in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries? 

Speak to our Travel Specialist today to plan your alternative beach experience. Escape the crowds and immerse in the beauty of nature and unspoilt beaches with Regent.

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