The Northern Islands Holidays


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The Northern Islands Holidays

Less visited than many of the larger islands, the six Northern Islands are a well-kept secret and provide some of the most spectacular and remote scenery in the entire archipelago. Imagine tall mountains, stunning valleys, and sheer cliffs plummeting in the sapphire ocean - all just waiting to be discovered without hardly any other tourists about. Experience fantastic hikes and the very unique and rural lifestyle of the Faroese people who live here. 

Bordoy is home to Klaksvík, the second largest settlement in the Faroes. This is where most will base their Northern Island exploration out of, and also where most Northern Island trips begin, as Bordoy linkes the north islands to the south via an undersea tunnel to Eysturoy. Alluring Kunoy is home to 6 of the largest mountains in the archipelago, while idyllic Vidoy is the most northerly island of them all (and also one of the smallest at just 41 square kms) but also one of the most spectacular.

Kalsoy is known for its excellent artisans and craftspeople as well as for the walk to the Kallur Lighthouse which offers one of the most breath-taking views in the entire archipelago. At the end of the 40 minute walk, the panoramic view includes five of the neighbouring islands. Kalsoy is also where the Kópakonan (Seal Woman) statue is located. Head to the village of Mikladalur to see it and learn about the legend it's based on. 

Unusual for the Faroe Islands, Svinoy has an impressive amount of wide open pastoral land, providing some of the best fields for farming in all of the norther isles. And finally, tiny Fugloy (at just 11km squared) is the most remote and challenging to get to and all the more alluring for it.

Bordoy, Kunoy and Vidoy are all easily connected by causeways whilst Kalsoy, Svínoy and Fugloy are only accessible by boat or helicopter. 

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