Whale Watching in Iceland

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Whale Watching in Iceland

Iceland provides some of the best whale watching in the world, with more than 20 species being recorded in Icelandic waters. Enjoy whale watching in Iceland from a variety of locations throughout the country. Opt for an excursion from Reykjavík’s historic harbour during a short break in the city, or for those on fly-drive or twin centre holidays, Husavik & Dalvik are excellent towns for whale watching in Iceland.

Depending on the season, it’s possible to see minke and humpback whales, whitebeaked dolphins, harbour porpoises and various sea birds such as puffins, gannets, guillemots, gulls, kittiwakes, arctic terns and many more. 

Reykjavik Iceland Whale Watching HolidaysReykjavik

Special Tours is the first and only environmentally certified whale watching company in Iceland. The flagship boat ‘Andrea’ has three outdoor viewing platforms and a large indoor saloon, so there is plenty of room to spot the whales. There are toilets on board, as well as a small café serving light refreshments. For those with weaker sea legs, we recommend drinking their free magical anti-seasick potion, which worked for us! It is just great fun spotting the whales and the commentary on board is informative and entertaining.

The midnight sun and the nature of the bay provide a unique experience for a midnight whale watching trip, and can be an ideal end to a busy day or the beginning of a fun night on the town! As whales never fully sleep, expect to see minke whales, white-beaked dolphins, harbour porpoises and humpback whales just as on the day tours.



Husavi Iceland Whale Watching HolidaysHusavik bay

A great area for whale watching in Iceland due to the variety of the birdlife and scenery, with minke and humpback whales populating the area. There are two islands in the bay, Lundey (Puffin Island) and Flatey (Flat Island), where many of Iceland's  birds nest. Expect to see puffins, arctic terns, guillemots and gannets. The beautiful mountains at the western part of the bay, called Víknafjöll, make a visit to the bay even more worth while.


Akureyri Whale Watching HolidaysDalvik

Nestled in a fjord on the northern tip of Iceland, the small fishing village of Dalvik is the ideal place to embark on a whale watching adventure. Sailing on traditional, oak boats the friendly crew will help you to spot the marine life as you head from the harbour and out towards the Arctic Circle. Dolphins and whales – including humpbacks and minkes - have been spotted on 98% of tours so there’s an excellent chance of a sighting. Enjoy a grill of freshly caught fish before returning to shore. From mid-May to the end of June it is possible to sail further out for the chance to see migratory blue whales – the largest mammal on earth.


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