5 best countries to see the Midnight Sun

5 best countries to see the Midnight Sun

Take a trip bathed in summer sun that never sets with some of our best places to see the midnight sun.

The midnight sun appears in certain areas of the world, giving you the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful sights for longer. Enjoy soaking in the lagoons of Iceland, walking the charming harbours of Greenland and touring the towns of Norway at any point of the day while under the beautiful glow of the midnight sun.

What is the midnight sun?

Only occurring north of the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun is a result of the Earth’s tilt and rotation as it leans slightly towards the sun. Alongside the almost-permanent sunlight, there’s a rise in temperature that melts some of the icy regions of the Northern Hemisphere, uncovering some previously frozen landscapes to reveal bright greenery.

You might be wondering what the midnight sun looks like. Unlike the sun that shines brightly throughout a summer’s day, the midnight sun is more like a perpetual sunset. Throughout the late evening and early morning hours, the landscape is bathed in a soft, warm glow that is simply stunning.

When does the midnight sun occur?

You can see the midnight sun in Arctic regions during the summer months. Visit the north between April and September to experience longer, warmer days, with the midnight sun reaching its peak during summer solstice.

Travelling further north offers the best chances of seeing the midnight sun during summer. The further north you go, the longer the daylight hours last - this is why the Arctic Circle and all countries above are the best regions to experience the fascinating phenomenon. 

So, where is the best place to experience the beauty of the midnight sun?

  • Lofoten Islands, Norway 
  • Svalbard, Norway
  • Iceland 
  • Greenland
  • Sweden
  • Finland
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Often referred to as ‘The Land of the Midnight Sun’, and as Scandanavia's most northerly country, Norway is one of the best places in the world to see the unusual phenomenon. However, despite its moniker, you’re not likely to see the midnight sun across the entire country throughout the entire summer - you'll want to to the northern regions, where there's an incredible 76-day stretch of uninterrupted sunlight,

One of the best cities in Norway to see the midnight sun is Tromsø. Spend your evenings and nights basking in warm glow of the sunset whilst enjoying the views of the quaint harbours lined by coloured wooden houses.

Lofoten Islands

The famous Lofoten Islands on along the north coast are amongst some of Norway's best regions to see the midnight sun. As some of the most scenic islands in the world, you can enjoy viewing breathtaking landscapes of majestic fjords and beautiful fishing villages for as long as you wish. Head to the harbours or the sandy shores for a possible sighting of whales.

With Regent, you can enjoy a 10-day Lofoten Islands Fly-Drive tour. Discover the charm of Harstad, the Vesterålen Islands, Svolvær and much more, all with plenty of daylight under the midnight sun.


An archipelago flung around two-kilometres off the north coast of Norway, Svalbard is a region that’s under the constant sunlight of the midnight sun from April to August. With Arctic landscapes, unique wildlife, unspoilt nature and no crowds, you can experience all beauty of this extraordinary place under the summer glow.

As it's so high up in the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun in Svalbard (also known as Spitsbergen) lasts longer than anywhere else in the world. With the sun hanging low in the sky for a total of five months, you can view the unparalleled surroundings for much longer.

With Regent, you can experience our Spitsbergen summer break at the coal miners’ cabins, a six-day tour to enjoy getting up and close to the fascinating wildlife, dog sledding without snow, and the colourful town of Longyearbyen.

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The midnight sun is one of the top reasons to visit Iceland in summer. Iceland is another country that bathes under the midnight sun during the height of summer.  This charming island is home to a multitude of beautiful landscapes, natural attractions, and diverse wildlife you can see under constant daylight in June.

From the iconic Golden Circle to the fascinating South Coast, you can enjoy the stunning views of Iceland under the midnight sun. Instead of ice and snow, the cascading waterfalls and landscapes are coated in green grass and colourful flora and fauna as a result from the long-lasting daylight that opposes the 19 hours of darkness per day during the winter months.

Admire rays of constant sunsets with a stay at Aurora Dome (Midnight Sun View). Indulge a night in the wilderness, watching the midnight sun from the comfort and warmth of a cosy bed, with a fireplace should you need it.

With Regent, you can book a South Iceland summer break to see the midnight sun from the best spot in Iceland, the South Coast.

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After the harsh Arctic winter, Greenland is rewarded with months of constant sunlight during summer. Lighting up its scenic coasts and a kaleidoscope of colourful buildings in its capital city, Nuuk, the midnight sun period is one of the best times to visit Greenland.

During the summer months, you’re most likely to see the beautiful Greenland polar bears, whales and seals as you cruise between the icebergs on the water.

With Regent, take in the beauty of Greenland under the midnight sun with our ultimate Ilulissat summer break. Explore the town, witness the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ilulissat Ice Fjord, spot whales and much more.

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Sweden is home to an abundance of beautiful cities, timeless villages, verdant countryside and a picture-perfect landscapes of snow-capped mountains. And, summer is perhaps the best season to experience it all.

Travel to Northern Sweden in June if you’re seeking an experience of 24-hour sunlight. Abisko is a city where the sun never sets in the summer, and as it’s home to the Abisko National Park, you’re in the prime location to enjoy outdoor adventures under the midnight sun.

With Regent, experience the best that Swedish Lapland has to offer on our sun and ice summer break. Stay in the iconic Icehotel 365, experience rafting or fishing on the Torne River, and visit Abisko National Park.

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Home to beautiful mountain backdrops, lush, wild forests and rolling hills, there’s little you’ll want to miss in Finland. There are so many things to do in Finland in summer, and you can enjoy it all for longer under the long hours of the midnight sun. Finnish Lapland enjoys the midnight sun from May to August, while more southerly regions experience it between

June and July. This country is excellent for outdoor enthusiast, with a myriad of activities from bear watching to hiking and canoeing it's famously clear lakes.  

With Regent, you can book our Barö Hotel Summer Break to make the most of the longer summer days, exploring the Finnish nature and embarking on exhilarating excursions around the Inkoo area.

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