Best Glass Igloos to See the Northern Lights

Best Glass Igloos to See the Northern Lights

Seeing the northern lights paint the night sky in vibrant ribbons and rays of greens and purples is a true bucket list experience. With our list of glass-roof igloos, you might even get the chance to watch the northern lights until you drop off into a soothing sleep.

Alongside the stunning views of the arctic nature in the most sought-after Nordic countries, you can find the perfect northern lights igloo experience with the added excitement of winter fun. Partake in ice fishing, husky and reindeer safaris, and exploring the surrounding beauty with snowshoeing, snowmobiling and more! Be sure to set your Aurora alarm so you don't miss out on the beautiful phenomena. 

Our Travel Specialists have picked out some top igloo hotels for northern lights that are amongst some of the best hotels to see the northern lights. With cosy beds, heated glass, and everything you need inside your accommodation, find the best glass igloos to see the northern lights.

Best Glass Igloos to See the Northern Lights : Section 2

Magical Pond (Finland)

The further north you travel, the more likely you are to see the northern lights. Magical Pond is a unique glass igloo resort, located in the north of Finland and one of the best igloo hotels to see the northern lights. Cosy up in your comfortable bed and look out in total serenity towards the scenic views of snow-clad trees. Perhaps one night, you'll see it lit up in greens and reds from the Aurora Borealis.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate outdoor adventure in the midst of Finland’s most beloved landscapes and fall asleep under the beautiful glow of the northern lights. Your glass igloo boasts large windows facing the tranquil lake, and a small kitchenette equipped with kitchenware, coffee machine, kettle and minifridge. Enjoy a hearty meal at Hut Restaurant Kataja, offering tempting Lapish-style cuisine, all cooked with locally sourced ingredients. When you're back in your cosy cabin, enjoy a glass of your favouirte drink and keep your eyes peeled for those iconic northern lights.

Our Travel Specialists recommend a romantic getaway to Northern Finland this winter, staying at this welcoming glass igloo for three nights of awe-inspiring views and exciting winter fun. During the day, embark on dog sledding activities and reindeer feeding, and come nightfall, keep your eyes to the sky for views of the northern lights.

Best Glass Igloos to See the Northern Lights : Section 3

Aurora Igloo (Iceland)

At Aurora Igloo, not only are you surrounded by panoramic views of Iceland’s picturesque Hella, but you’re also in the perfect spot to witness the striking Northern Lights. This Aurora dome is a unique and extraordinary experience, perfect for making your trip to the South of Iceland that much more enchanting.

This sanctuary is a place to escape to relax under the impressive blanket of stars and dancing Aurora glow, if you're lucky enough to catch them. With barely any light pollution in this former horse breeding farm, you have a better chance of watching the celestial phenomena all-night long. To catch the northern lights, book this glass igloo hotel that boasts a superb Aurora location during the winter months. Plus, soak up unobstructed views of the snow-capped mountains, and maybe even the coat of snow enclosing you in your cosy glass dome.

Stay comforted in the wild with modern facilities, from a privacy curtain to a soothing heating system, perfect for when you’re travelling during winter. When you’re not in your dome seeking the northern lights, be sure to head out to see the iconic attractions of the South Coast, including Geysir, Gullfoss, Þingvellir and much more. After all, you’re residing right in the heart of them all.

Best Glass Igloos to See the Northern Lights : Section 4

Aurora Village (Lapland)

Hideaway in remote arctic paradise at Aurora Village, Ivalo. 28 Aurora cabins are tucked between the trees of the Inari country, all boasting part-glass roofs to give you a better chance at capturing the enchanting sites of the Aurora Borealis. During your stay, you can sign up for an Aurora alarm, just in case you fall asleep in your comfortable bed and miss the phenomenon.

On your exciting journey, you’ll need to book this unique northern lights igloo accommodation during the winter months. Whilst the frost coats the trees and snow blankets the floor, you’ll be enveloped in cosy heat from the heated glass roof. When you’re not spellbound by the views and possible kaleidoscopes of dancing colours, be sure to indulge in the amenities of your arctic glass house plus amenities of the resort from the wood-heated barrel sauna floating on a river, to the outdoor jacuzzi on a scenery terrace. This is a great choice for a romantic getaway, all making for the perfect igloo holiday to see the northern lights.

Of course, you’re not completely bound to your glass igloo. The ‘village’ is home to a husky safari, an incredible activity to enjoy during winter. Plus, you can explore the surrounding land and expansive views on a snowmobile, by snowshoe hiking and even ice fishing.

Our Travel Specialists recommend an Aurora Village short break of five days, enjoying snowmobiling and husky mushing before having a go at ice fishing and snowshoeing to spot animal tracks.

Best Glass Igloos to See the Northern Lights : Section 5

Apukka Glass Igloos Resort (Lapland)

Treat your loved one or family to a stay in Apukka Glass Igloos Resort, located in the unspoilt heart of Apukka. Lose yourself in Lapland’s abundant nature as you’re surrounded by two scenic lakes and a cluster of snow-covered trees. Its signature Aurora Cabin glass igloos offer a cosy vantage point to watch the lights dance across the night sky when they appear. In winter, you needn't worry about snow and ice blocking your view, as all the panoramic windows are heated, melting away any obstructions around this hotel to watch the northern lights.

During your stay, don’t just see the show from your igloo. Venture out and join expert-led northern lights excursions in both autumn and winter. As the resort sits between two lakes, autumn excursions offer the bonus of the so-called Double Aurora phenomenon - when Aurora arches are reflected to open water, and you can simultaneously see the northern lights on the sky and the water surface. However, in winter, the nights are longer, so you have more time to chase the lights. The hotel's professional guides lead you across the snow by husky carriage, horse carriage, or car.

Our Travel Specialists recommend seeing the autumn Auroras at Apukka Glass Igloos Resort. Enjoy four days of adventure with husky carriage rides, reindeer walks and northern lights walks.

Best Glass Igloos to See the Northern Lights : Section 6

Golden Crown Levi Igloos (Lapland)

Located less than six miles from Levi Ski Resort, the Golden Crown Levi Igloos await you for an exceptional northern lights escape. Whichever igloo you choose, from the Suites to the Superior, your experience will be nothing short of magical. All igloos are completely enclosed in heated glass ceilings and panoramic windows, excellent for nights falling asleep under blankets of stars and the soothing northern lights dance when the winter sky is clear, and waking up to crisp white snow and stunning views of the valley.

Stay in your igloo for your entire stay with everything you need from heating, en-suite bathrooms to an outdoor jacuzzi, or venture out to dine at the in-house Restaurant Aurora Sky for more magnificent views of the landscape, and there is a traditional Sami Kota tent on site which is available for all guests to enjoy.

Our Travel Specialists recommend the Levi Igloo & Spa Experience to help you recharge in the arctic serenity of Lapland. Spend four nights glamping under the stars, cosying up and falling asleep under the night sky, skiing and rejuvenating at Spa Water World.

Best Glass Igloos to See the Northern Lights : Section 7

Muotka Wilderness Hotel (Lapland)

Head on the ultimate northern lights igloo trip with this resort of cosy log cabins and Aurora cabins with glass ceilings. Muotka Wilderness Hotel is the perfect option for any traveller seeking a holiday chasing the northern lights and to be swept away in arctic adventure. Muotka offers everything from winter activities, including Saariselkä ski resort, husky safaris and snowmobiling, to enjoying ‘Reindeer Day’ and relaxing in the peace of the mountain.

During winter, opting for the Aurora cabin will be the best glass-roof accommodation option under the sky that’s far from any light pollution. The darkness makes the night sky more stunning than ever, with thousands of bright stars winking down on clear nights, and the chance to see the beautiful Aurora Borealis if you’re lucky.

Our Travel Specialists recommend enjoying an arctic Lapland break at the Hotel Muotka alongside tailor-made activities and winter excitement. Take five days in the fresh winter atmosphere, seeking the northern lights, snow trekking in the wild, making friends with husky’s and exploring the country with a skiing adventure.

Want to spend a week living under the northern lights? 

Speak to our Travel Specialist today to plan your glass igloo northern lights experience. Escape the norm and fall asleep under the charming glow of the Aurora with one of our top igloo hotels.

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