Four fairytale Finland Sights

Four fairytale Finland Sights

Whether it’s the endless sunshine in summer or the colours of the Northern Lights in winter, Finland always looks like it has stepped from the pages of a fairytale. The Arctic north offers fields of snow that will swallow you up to your shoulders and pine forests filled with icicle frosted trees, while the national parks that cross the country are home to sparkling lake districts and archipelagos of unspoilt islands.

We’ve picked our four favourite fairytale Finland holiday destinations below. 

Wild Taiga in Finland

The wilderness in the Wild Taiga

The Taiga is the Finnish wilderness at its wildest. This little explored region along the Finnish-Russia border is carpeted with thick evergreen forests and long sparkling stretches of water. With just a few villages, the region has become a haven for wildlife and you can find brown bears, wolverines and wolves hidden in the trees – come in summer and early autumn for the best chance to spot them. 

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artic fells in Finland

The artic fells in Urho Kekkonen National Park

All the best fairytales have snowy landscapes and few places have more snow than Finnish Lapland. Tucked just inside the Artic Circle it rains snow here for nearly a quarter of the year, and the white blanket that covers the forests and fields lends the landscape a magical twinkle. The fells that sweep across Urho Kekkonen National Park are especially spectacular. These rocky hills are barren and isolated. Climb to the top to see the true scale of the beauty in this remote landscape.

Santas village in Lapland Finland

The Christmas capital in Rovaniemi

It doesn’t get much more fairytale than the official home of Santa Claus. When he’s not squeezing himself down chimneys, Santa spends his time in Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland. Decked out in fairy lights and Christmas trees year round, visit Father Christmas and his elves at Santa Claus village just outside town. Come between December and March to see the wooden buildings prettily slumped in snow.

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Log cabin in the Finland snow

The log cabins that are just about everywhere

Forget princesses in castles, all the best fairytales are set in log cabins. Finland has hundreds of them. Usually built from locally sourced kelo wood, the roughhewn log walls, sloping roof and mountain of snow on your doorstep is about as classical a Scandinavian scene as you could dream up. The best thing? Most of the log cabins in Finland come with their own sauna. 

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Main photo courtesy of Timo Newton Syms/Flickr

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