Post-Lockdown Bucket List

Post-Lockdown Bucket List

We’ve come to appreciate travel and all its wonder in a whole new way recently. It’s important to remember that our favourite places, bucket list destinations and the globe’s incredible cultures are still out there, even while we’re staying home. Lockdown and its stresses have really put the joy of travel into perspective, and given the team here a whole new appreciation for the holidays we love.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the most unique experiences and unmissable destinations to inspire your travel once the skies are open once again.

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1. Travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway

This journey between Russia and China’s iconic capitals is bookended by the Great Wall and Red Square, but it’s the experiences in-between that steal the show.

The world’s greatest railway follows historic tracks stretching over 9,000 kilometres across the harsh Siberian tundra, connecting Moscow with Vladivostok and Beijing. Watch the ever-changing landscapes of Russia, Mongolia and China roll by. You’ll make regular stops to discover the railroad towns that dot the route, take a dip in Lake Baikal and explore the vast Gobi Desert.

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2. Meet Borneo's Orangutans

Our Borneo Orangutan Experience holiday has been designed to make the most of some of the country’s most incredible orangutan experiences.

It’s hard to think of Borneo without picturing orangutans – AKA the Old Man of the Forest. On this trip you’ll experience the excellent conservation work at the world-famous Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre and set off to spot these incredible animals in their natural environment, swinging wild through the trees of Danum Valley Conservation Area or along the banks of the Kinabatangan River.

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3. Go Husky Sledding in Finland

Spend five days exploring the Finnish wilderness by dog sled on an Arctic adventure like no other.

Spend your days and evenings taking husky safaris into the surrounding forests with experienced guides. Search for the northern lights from your sled and feast on delicious food cooked over an open campfire to experience the very best of the wild Finnish winters. You’ll learn how to mush huskies and get a real understanding for this unforgiving, dramatic and otherworldly landscape.

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4. Walk on Water in Russia

Lake Baikal in Russia is the deepest lake in the world and one of the oldest – walking on its frozen surface truly feels like walking on air.

The lake itself is about the same size as Belgium, and when frozen its 31,722 square kilometre surface makes for spectacular walking trails. The lake is often called ‘Russia’s Galapagos’, because much of the natural wildlife here is found nowhere else in the world. Walking across Baikal is an incredibly unique experience – dozens of islands emerge like ice sculptures from the frozen surface, so make sure to bring your camera!

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5. Take the plunge from Stari Most

Take part in a tradition over 450 years old and take the three-second leap into the water below the iconic Mostar Bridge (Stari Most).

The bridge was originally built in 1566 and destroyed by tank shelling in 1993. After being rebuilt in 2004 it has become an enduring symbol of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s post-war resurgence. To make the exhilarating jump from the bridge you must first practise with the local dive club, who teach you all you need to know. Afterwards, sign your name in the logbook to commemorate your achievement!

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6. Stay in a nomadic yurt, Kyrgyzstan

Discover the customs of Kyrgyzstan’s nomadic cultures and sleep in traditional yurts for a truly authentic experience.

Learn more about the ancient cultures of this part of the world on a tour through beautiful Kyrgyzstan. From the iconic Burana Tower to the beautiful Issy-Kul Lakes and cosmopolitan Bishkek, you’ll experience a range of traditions and cultural customs. Live a truly unplugged life in internet-free Son Kol, camping out in a traditional yurt equipped with modern facilities for comfort.

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7. Float above Myanmar

No visit to Myanmar is complete without a visit to the stunning temple complex at Bagan. Enjoy a sunrise hot air balloon flight for a spectacular view.

Made up of over 2,000 pagodas and temples, Bagan reflects the diversity of ancient Myanmar and exists in harmony with local farming communities. Enjoy a traditional breakfast as your hot air balloon is inflated, before gently rising up over the thousands of gilded rooftops, beautiful temples and the Irrawaddy River.

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8. Float in the Dead Sea

A holiday to Jordan means visiting a country rich in ancient history and adventure. One of the country’s most iconic sights is the famous Dead Sea.

Lying at 420m below sea level, the Dead Sea is one of the warmest places in the country. Locals and visitors alike come here to float in the salty waters and experience a ‘Dead Sea mud bath’. Despite its name (which comes from the level of salinity here which means plants cannot grow), this was one of the world’s very first health resorts. Perfect for post-lockdown unwinding!

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9. Walk amongst the cherry blossom

Japan ranks highly on many travel bucket lists, and its famous cherry blossoms number amongst the country’s most beautiful sights.

Japan’s unique blend of ancient traditions and futuristic cities tantalises visitors year-round, but the springtime blossom season is certainly the show-stopper. During the month of April, the country’s iconic cherry blossom trees burst into bloom with beautiful pink flowers and the already very pretty cities and countryside enjoy a fresh coat of delicate petals. A spellbindingly beautiful sight.

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10. Chase the aurora

Every travel bucket list worth its salt has the aurora borealis on it. Head to Sweden for “the best place on earth to experience northern lights”.

Journey to the heart of Swedish Lapland, past the Arctic Circle and immerse yourself in the wintry wonderland of Abisko Aurora Sky Viewing Station. Each evening, take the Arctic Circle Train into Abisko National Park and hunt for the northern lights at the amazing Sky Station and by snowshoe. A true quintessential travel experience everyone should have.

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