The Best Destinations for Small Group Trips

The Best Destinations for Small Group Trips

If you're choosing a road less travelled for your next adventure, then creating your own itinerary can be a daunting task.

Without the expertise of knowing not just what to see, but when's best to see it; how can you possibly get the most out of a travel experience?

Thanks to our team's in-depth knowledge of extraordinary destinations, our small group tours offer authentic experiences to must-see sites and remote, unfrequented spots. And because each small group-adventure is so meticulously planned, you're assured of great value too.

What's more, led by local, expert guides, your small group trip will have the ultimate inside track. And being joined by like-minded travellers is an opportunity to make friends and ensure single travellers can journey safely with companionship. 

So where are the best destinations for a small group trip? We asked out team to pick their favourites from our exclusive journeys and portfolio of group holidays: 

1. Azores

Just a four hour flight from the UK, this pristine archipelago of nine islands mark Europe's western boundary. Ideal for walking tours, solo travellers and those seeking a cultural adventure that goes at a gentler pace than other destinations, here are three reasons to visit the Azores on a small group tour:


There is a rich winemaking history in the Azores, and an Explore the Azores group tour will give you a real taste for the country's finest. You'll visit the island of Pico, where the vineyards are within a UNESCO World Heritage Site-listed area.


One of the many reasons the Azores is such a paradise for walking tours is its volcanoes. The deep craters and calderas are a dominant feature of the landscape, and give visitors the opportunity to take a dip in hot springs and even have their dinner cooked by volcanic heat!

Whale watching 

The migratory path of many marine mammals passes right by the Azores, meaning a boat trip can offer the opportunity to see up to 28 species of whales and dolphins. A highlight of our Sao Miguel group tour.

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2. Georgia

With your fellow travellers, Regent's Glorious Georgia Small Group Tour will see you enjoy 13 days packed full of insight and immersion to this off-the-beaten track destination.

Your tour includes a rare opportunity to meet makers of the Georgian Qvevri, a large earthenware vessel used in traditional winemaking. You'll stop for a tour of Tsinandali Palace, once the home of Alexander Chavchavadze. And you'll explore the city of Tbilisi, finishing with a private tour of the Georgian National Opera and Ballet Theatre.

As with all Regent small group tours, the full experience is considered... so it's not just about what you see, but what you taste too! The handpicked restaurants and wineries on this tour will give you a real flavour for Georgia's historic winemaking culture, as well as its national dishes, which includes lunch with a local family. 

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3. Bulgaria

Bulgaria has plenty to offer away from its popular beach and ski resorts for travellers seeking an authentic experience, and our Landscapes & Traditions of Bulgaria small group tour is a superb way to have a guided cultural trip here. Discover two reasons why:


With its rich history, much of the tour has planned trips to Bulgaria's must-visit sites; like the Alexander Nevski Cathedral in Sofia and the treasures of ancient Philippopolis.

Tombs, Monasteries and Mosques

Regent's Bulgaria specialists have added incredible places of interest to our small group tour here, including: the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kazanlak Thracian Tomb; Bulgaria’s third largest monastery at Troyan; Bachkovo Monastery with its stunning frescoes; and Banya Bashi Mosque in Sofia.

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4. Moldova

History tours, fascinating culture and the world's largest wine cellar make the Highlights of Moldova group tour one not to miss. 

An adventure through Moldova, the carefully curated travel plans include a stay in the capital, Chisinau; a visit to the National Gagauz History and Ethnographic Museum; and exploring Soroca's medieval fortress. 

If you enjoy a tipple then highlights also include an exploration into Moldova's wine culture. You'll stay in Moldova's wine city of Milestii Mici, where you'll have a wine tasting experience at Mimi Castle Winery; stay overnight at the Crama Mircesti Winery; and see the city's vast wine cellars which have been awarded a Guinness World Record for being the largest on the planet. 

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5. Bosnia-Herzegovina

So often when we travel we can skim over the surface of what life is truly like for the people who live there and what it means to have been raised in that culture. 

That's certainly not the case with our Bosnia In Depth small group tour; which our Travel Specialists have been putting together for the last ten years.

In that decade we've learnt and experienced more in Bosnia-Herzegovina to make our tours there all the more authentic. But we've also held onto the unique experiences which made it so special in the first place; like having lunch with a local family in the remote village of Lukomir on the edge of the Rakitnica Canyon. An incredible experience for those seeking meaningful travel on the road less taken. 

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6. Albania & the Balkans 

Regent has been creating immersive experiences to Albania since it was founded in 1971. Should you have travelled with us back then, you would be astonished by how much it has changed. 

Thankfully the draws which made the country so special for adventurous travellers remain: dramatic scenery, warm hospitality and a rich history. 

To make the most of your time in the region we recommend the Explore Albania & The Balkans group tour, where along with your like-minded travellers you'll explore much of Albania's stunning landscape, including National Parks and UNESCO World Heritage sites, as well as neighbouring Kosovo and North Macedonia. 

With a maximum of 16 on this exclusive small group tour, it will feel more like a friends trip by the end of your 15 days together. 

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7. Uzbekistan

For 2024 our Uzbekistan Travel Specialist has redesigned Regent's 'Classic Uzbekistan' small group tour. 

So what makes Uzbekistan the ideal trip? Carl says: "It's easier to visit now than it ever has been and is still fantastic value. 

"The new tour has my imprint - slowed down, fine-tuned and a few surprises here and there!"

The tour includes the main sites, alongside day trips to off-the-beaten track destinations and experiences you will only have when travelling with those in the know. Like: a visit to Bagizagan Winery; taking the cable car 2,290 metres above sea level to 2290 Bar Terrace on Amirsoy mountain; and watching a traditional performance with national costumes and music in the courtyard of a madrassah in Bukhara. 

As with all Regent travel destinations, what makes this tour so special is that it is a complete package, where your group of up to 14 will be guided through the best possible experiences from when you leave the UK to when you arrive back home again. 

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8. Azerbaijan

Similarly to Uzbekistan, what makes a small group trip to Azerbaijan so special is the carefully planned itinerary from our region expert Carl Meadows. 

His in-depth knowledge of this fascinating country means you'll explore sites and landscapes far from the tourist trail, seeing a part of the world few visitors have travelled to. 

Book Regent's Azerbaijan & Nakhchivan Uncovered tour and return home with stories of one of the world's most sustainable places; Gulustan Mausoleum; and 'the Machu Picchu of Azerbaijan' Alinja Fortress. 

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9. Papua New Guinea

Now this really is a very special small group tour that's the definition of intrepid travel. 

As adventurous trips go, our Cultures & Customs of Papua New Guinea small group tour offers a curated journey that travel dreams are made of. Regent's Travel Specialist Stef has packed the tour full of fascinating cultural insights which will put you and your like-minded travellers into the very heart of unique communities. 

Also built into the itinerary is the opportunity to make the most of the beautiful beaches in this part of Asia; snorkelling the colourful reefs of Siar Island being a highlight. 

When you return home you'll have stories and photographs to share with your loved ones of the Rabaul Mask Festival in Kokopo, the rite of passage that is the Baining Fire Dance, and cooking a megapode egg in volcanic waters!

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10. Faroe Islands

Birdlife lovers and those seeking out wild new landscapes will be wowed by what they can see on our Faroe Islands small group tours, which depart in the summer when the Atlantic archipelago is buzzing with birdlife, from kittiwakes to puffins. 

The scheduled boat trip to Vestmanna Cliffs on the Faroe Islands In Depth small group tour is always a highlight for our travellers. Rising metres out of the sea, this harsh yet beautiful landscape is home to thousands of seabirds. 

As ever our tours will put your group into the heart of communities as well as landscapes,  taking you to experience places you won't see anywhere else in the world.

In the Faroe Islands that means a stop at the turf-covered farmhouse Roykstovan, for coffee and cake in what is one of the oldest inhabited timber houses in the world. And stopping off to buy wool made from the fleeces of the hardy Faroese sheep. Or how about driving around the world's first undersea roundabout on your journey to Torshavn?!

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11. Kazakhstan

Our final destination on our list of the best places for a small group trip is the other-worldly Kazakhstan - a place that might not feature on your bucket list, but we think it should be. For 2024 Regent is offering a very special trip here of incomparable experiences... Kazakhstan & The World Nomad Games.

As with all our exclusive itineraries to the country you'll have the opportunity to see for yourself its arid deserts, rugged mountains and architecture steeped in history.

But built into this cultural experience is also your ticket to the once in a lifetime spectacle that is the 5th International World Nomad Games! Watch up close the so-called 'Olympics of the Nomads', as the tournament gets underway with wrestling, eagle hunting and horseback archery. Then at the end of this thrilling nomadic tradition you can join in with the lively closing ceremony. Not many people can say they've done that!


Regent's small group tours embrace the spirit of adventure and exploration. Get in touch with our team for inspiration on your next pioneering travel experience.

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