September Holidays


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Holidays in September

Celebrate the cheaper rates and emptier beaches that September brings as children all around the world return to school. We don't think you need to find an excuse any better than that to book a holiday. 

North Korea

From the showcase capital of Pyongyang, peppered with huge socialist monuments and bizzare one-of-a-kind architecture, to the De-Militarised Zone of the south and mountains of the north, the DPRK enthrals with its inimitable sights and surprises. Visitors are generally considered to be privileged guests invited into a closed world. The few who make the journey will receive a rare insight into a society completely alien to our own. Devoid of mobile phones, global news and access to the internet, visiting gives you the unparalleled insight into a fascinating, unique society - escorted by official guides, of course. 


With a wealth of world-class historic sites, it's fantastic that peaceful Jordan has remained a region of calm despite the issues that define its neighbouring counties. It's also a land of experiences as exhilarating as they are varied; the iconic nabatean city of Petra and the Roman city of Jerash can be combined with hikes through forested nature reserves, vast craggy gorges and rust-red deserts where towering rocky outcrops rise from the shifting sands. 

Russian River Cruises

Russian river cruises offer a relaxing way to see the beech tree forests and pastoral countryside between Moscow and St Petersburg. Russia's villages are the heart of the country and cruises will let you take a picnic in some of the prettiest riverfront towns, where wooden houses and the onion domes of the Orthodox church have stood for centuries. Climb aboard in September to enjoy lovely weather in Moscow and St Petersburg, without the big crowds or higher prices.

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