October Holidays


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Holidays in October

How do you usually spend your October? Before you reply, remember that you're talking to a computer. Have some of our expert advice instead; this year, set off on one of our group tours to investigate lesser-seen sides to one of our favourite destinations and spend time with like-minded, interesting people. 


Tucked between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova is a hidden gem that we feel deserves your attention. Moldovan wine is the focus of most visits and Regent’s annual Undiscovered Moldova Group Tour is timed to coincide with the Moldova Wine Festival. Take time to explore the capital, Chisinau, and make sure you visit the Soviet throwback self-proclaimed republic of Transdniestr. Chisinau hasn’t quite shaken off its heritage with its 20th-century Soviet architecture but this is tempered by tree-lined boulevards and numerous parks. Don’t be fooled by the severity of the architecture though as the Moldovans know how to party and the nightlife is legendary.


Delve into the history surrounding Romania's most famous historical figure, Vlad the Impaler - or as he is more commonly known, Count Dracula - by touring Transylvania over Halloween. Discove Sibiu's Evangelic Cathedral where Vlad's son was buried after his assasination, explore the town of Medias where he was kept prisoner by the Hungarian king, enjoy a walking tour of the fabulously preserved town of Sighisoara and visit dramatic Bran Castle, made famous by Bram Stoker's novel, Dracula. 


With a wealth of world-class historic sites, it's fantastic that peaceful Jordan has remained a region of calm despite the issues that define its neighboring counrtries. It's also a land of experiences as exhilarating as they are varied; the iconic nabatean city of Petra and the Roman city of Jerash can be combined with hikes through forested nature reserves, vast craggy gorges and rust-red deserts where towering rocky outcrops rise from the shifting sands. 

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