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Holidays in July

You could stay at home to watch Wimbledon or twiddle your thumbs and wait for the three sunny days that we might get in July, or you could explore Macedonia's sun-drenched countryside. That's a tough choice.

North Macedonia

The Republic of Macedonia, a small and beautiful country nestled in the southeast of Europe, offers visitors a unique blend of natural wonders and cultures, as well as a long tradition of unrivalled hospitality. Macedonia is a veritable treasure-trove of Greek, Roman, Slav and Turkish history, with its forgotten monasteries, mosques and castles. From their savoury cuisine to their love of music, dance and general merrymaking, Macedonians know how to make their guests feel at home. Combining these qualities with the country’s dramatic mountains and canyons, its deep lakes and rivers, Macedonia has something for everyone


Once just a stopover on the journey from Moscow to Beijing on the Trans-Mongolian Express, Mongolia is enjoying a new lease of life as a destination in its own right. For those seeking a bit of adventure and who covet the great outdoors, Mongolia is a dream. Head out into the unspoilt wilderness of the steppe and Gobi Desert with just a few nomads for company. Travel in early July to experience the epic Naadam Festival, or later in the month to enjoy the landscapes once the crowds have dispersed.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a country of adventure. Offering a heady mix of traditional tribal encounters, jungle exploration in wildlife-rich environments and pristine sandy beaches, Papua New Guinea is as diverse as they come. Nature and culture-lovers can head to the Highlands to discover a world of diverse birdlife and witness the colourful lifestyle of the Huli Wigmen. Visit in July to attend a range of traditional mask and dance festivals. 

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