May Holidays


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Holidays in May

MAY we go on holiday this month? Ok, perhaps we're not the best when it comes to puns, but we're confident that we're the best at creating memory-making holidays and truly alternative trips. 


Pioneering travellers can discover Europe’s newest country with us; Kosovo only declared independence in 2008. Explore a landscape of snow-capped mountains, wildflower meadows, gorges and waterfalls. In the towns and villages, Islamic and Orthodox Christian influences are evident in the abundant mosques and monasteries. The lively capital, Prishtina, is the perfect base from which to explore the Serb enclave of Gracanica where Byzantine frescoes abound. Don’t miss the chance to wander the narrow cobbled streets of the Ottoman city, Prizren, admiring old stone houses, exquisite mosques and Turkish baths.


Nestled between the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain, Slovenia is green and diverse. Here, the Alps descend abruptly through thick forests to the reach Adriatic; it is possible to walk in snowy alpine fields in the morning and bathe in the warm coastal waters in the afternoon. Slovenia has everything to offer for a memorable holiday, whether you enjoy culture, heritage, sport or rest and relaxation. Explore the cultural Baroque capital, Ljubljana or opt to ski across the Julain Alps; enjoy regional foods and local wines or relax at a modern spa resort. Coastal Piran and Koper showcase Venetian influences and boast sumptuous seafood restaurants.


Languishing itself as a breakaway Caucasus state to the west of Georgia, Abkhazia is the place for modern travellers who dream of the golden age of exploration. Abkhazia is a combination like no other; here a society that has navigated a curious path through history also maintains the authentic air of a country completely untouched by western tourism – and it lies just beyond the eastern reaches of Europe. Join our May Group Tour to discover one of our newest destinations. 

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