April Holidays


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Holidays in April

April in the UK is decidedly unpredictable. In one moment, you're hosting a barbecue to celebrate a three-day heat wave but in the next, you're dashing for cover as yet another April downpour clouds the skies. You know what would be nice at this time of year? A holiday to somewhere where the weather is less likely to dictate your days. 


For a pioneering travel experience, delve into the history possibly the most reclusive of the Central Asian states; Turkmenistan. Learn of the region’s eccentric leaders while admiring the lavish marble palaces and communist memorials of Ashgabat before wandering through the famous Tolkuchka Bazaar – one of Central Asia’s most impressive markets. Journey into the Karakum desert at night to watch the Darvaza crater flaming in the dark, and gain an insight into why Merv was once one of the most important oasis cities on the Silk Road trading route.


Welcome to the cultural crossroads where East meets West – Bosnia-Herzegovina. A country which has witnessed the encounter of Byzantine and Ottoman civilisations first by the Romans, Turks and then the Austro-Hungarians. Historically, Bosnia-Herzegovina has a reputation as being a welcoming and accepting place. These deep traditions have left an unrivalled wealth of art and architectural treasures, crafts and folklore, food and music and, most of all, the smiling and warm-hearted people of Bosnia-Herzegovina – a place where you will surely be made to feel at home.


Discover the ancient trading towns of the Silk Road on a journey that crosses Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Climb aboard a comfortable, private train to follow in the footsteps of the early Silk Road traders from Ashgabat to Almaty, stopping to explore ancient Samarkand. Endless desert and steppe gently roll by as the train travels between the Central Asian republics where shimmering desert towns, ornate Islamic palaces and bizarre soviet structures vie for attention.

Featured Tours For April

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