Fergus Jones

Fergus Jones

Europe Travel Specialist

I caught the travel bug from an early age and was lucky enough to have visited 5 continents before I turned 16. A career in the travel industry was always a no brainer for me; it combines my love of geography with the satisfaction of helping people piece together their dream trip.

I have been in the industry for over ten years and have been lucky enough to have now visited over forty countries. After studying Russian history, it was particularly inspiring to see the winter palace in St Petersburg in person, and I even enjoyed sampling reindeer stew on a recent trip to Finland.

In 2009 I drove from Holland to Russia (and back again!), beginning a life-long fascination with the far eastern corners of Europe. Here Europe ends and Asia begins and an intoxicating blend of cultures, ethnicities, and cuisine means no country is alike. 

Since joining Regent, I have visited Lapland (twice), The Baltics, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Poland, Norway, Albania and Slovenia.

On my recent trip to Tallinn, I indulged in its amazing food scene, the city is peppered with Michelin recommended restaurants including family-style Lee Restaurant. Beyond Tallinn's evident Medieval charm, there are plenty of newer trendier districts to explore such as Telliskivi and the port area of Noblessner.  The Estonians love their bogs so I enjoyed the Viru Bog walk in the beautiful Lahemma National Park. 

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