Robert Longstaff

Robert Longstaff

Iceland & the Arctic Travel Specialist

I was lucky enough to travel as a child with my family but fell in love with the mountains when I went skiing on a school trip. That turned into working in Chamonix, France, and later spent a ski season in Banff, Canada, as a snowboard instructor. When it comes to travel, rugged natural landscapes and mountains are my go-to.

I’ve travelled a fair bit, but Iceland is still ‘the one’. I always wanted to travel there for as long as I can remember and ended up booking a trip for a week, but once there I ended up staying for the best part of a month. It was everything I expected and more. I’d never experienced anywhere like that, somewhere so bleak and beautiful at the same time; I don’t think there are many places in the world like that – especially not within three hours of the UK. ‘Otherworldly’ is definitely the word.

Following that trip, I visited Japan for a month, which again was incredible but didn’t compare to Iceland. Returning to Iceland with Regent, I thought it may be different or possibly spoil my memories of it, but it didn’t at all - it’s still my favourite. I road-tripped through the country both times. Pitching a tent in the dark one night and waking up to realise we were just alongside Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon was just spectacular. On my next visit, I’m going to head to the north-west and explore the northern regions deeper, as well as taking a 4x4 out to discover the remote highlands in the summer.

I’ve finally ticked the last country in Scandinavia off the list, having now just returned from Southern Finland, exploring Helsinki and some of the countryside and towns in the south, and have previously visited Norway and Sweden.

I have explored the rugged arctic wilderness of Svalbard, heard tales of Svalbard's mining history, enjoyed autumnal hikes through the Endalen Valley revealing glimpses of polar foxes and reindeers against the stunning mountainous backdrop. Experienced activities such as summer dog sledding, a rib boat safari and a rather lively wilderness dinner at Camp Barentz!

I have enjoyed not one but two trips to Greenland with Regent Holidays. First one was to South Greenland, as the name suggests - the greenest part of this frozen country. Here, I learnt about Inuit culture, kayaked through the fjord systems and floated past immense icebergs under my own steam. 

On my recent trip, I ventured into the Arctic wonders of Kangerlussuaq and Ilulissat. In Kangerlussuaq, the pristine landscapes revealed the untouched beauty of vast ice sheets and rolling tundra. From there, I flew to Ilulissat, where towering icebergs gracefully floated in Disko Bay, framed by the awe-inspiring backdrop of the Ilulissat Icefjord. I hiked to the ancient settlement Sermermiut, enjoyed several boat trips to see whales, sailed amongst the icebergs, and stopped off at Eqip Sermia to witness the awe-inspiring calving glacier

This September I drove around the Faroe Islands for a week, where dramatic landscapes seamlessly blend with Nordic charm. The rugged cliffs offered breathtaking vistas at every turn. Exploring the small villages, nestled within the embrace of steep fjords, unravelled the rich Faroese culture and its deep-rooted connection to the sea. From hiking along windswept trails to seeing cascading waterfalls - it was another memorable Regent trip. Check out my TikTok video of my trip to the Faroes


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