Peter Wybrow

Peter Wybrow

Senior Europe Travel Specialist

I’ve been working in the travel industry since I got my first ‘proper job’ in the late 1990’s. I figured that if I don’t have the money to travel then perhaps somebody might pay me to do so! The reality wasn’t quite like that but over the years I have used every available opportunity to visit all sorts of areas and try new adventures that I might not have otherwise considered; I have watched Beach Volleyball during the Sydney Olympics, climbed the highest peaks in Africa, followed Bradley Wiggins on my bike in the Tour de France and sailed a tall ship down the Brazilian coast.

Since joining Regent in 2012 my focus has been on Eastern Europe with several trips Russia and as well as a short spell leading our tour to Moldova. This tiny, and very friendly, republic is my one of favourite countries with loads to offer the experienced traveller.

More recent trips have been to Finland, The Baltics, Sweden and a few days spent in wintry Norway

My last trip to Norway with a couple of colleagues was an incredible adventure. We started in Tromso and then hopped on the Havila cruise to Trondheim. The Havila Voyage exceeded our expectations with fantastic food, stunning views, and a hassle-free check-in. Opting for the Havila Gold Package gave us an exclusive feel, even during lively stops at night in different ports.
Afterwards, we rented a car and drove south to Bergen. Exploring Norway by car allowed us to discover charming towns like Alesund, Loen, and Bergen. Each place, from the famous sky lift in Loen to the vibrant city of Bergen, left a lasting impression. Navigating Norway's roads in the summer was easy and added to the overall enjoyment of the trip. Ferries played a key role in our two-day drive, offering a convenient and frequent mode of transportation without the need for pre-booking. If you're thinking about a holiday to Norway, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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